Women to Women project
During our last trip when we were delivering the help to the Sherfadin refugee camp, we made a stop by the girls and women in Peshmerga military service. In the past, they were abducted by the Islamic State, sold as sexual slaves; they saw their loved ones being killed. They experienced torture, rape, humiliation and a lot of other traumas.
They were lucky enough to have escaped or be freed from the IS terrorists, they got another chance and they made it back home. Yet they didn’t sit idle, but went to fight for their freedom and the freedom of their families and friends. We have the deepest respect for them. Whatever happened to them could happen to any of us; they also used to go to school or work like we do. We spoke to the general of the Peshmerga women’s troops and asked how we could help. 60 women serve at the base, yet they lack basic toiletries, towels, bedding, tracksuits etc. We turn to you, especially to women: help us with our Women to Women project.
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Women to Women project