On the Thursday 8th March, we visited the refugee camp Baydeh, around 40 km from the town of Duhok. This is a temporary dwelling of the people of Sinjar who had to run away from the IS monsters.
The key content of the day was the narration of the girls and women who managed to escape the IS captivity. One girl has only been liberated four days ago. Girls and women were talking about what they had to endure in captivity. It was terrible. Everyone in the room had tears in their eyes. It is not the same as reading the stories in a newspaper. These women are very brave. Despite what they’ve been through, they can stand up before people and speak. I couldn’t do it myself – and I don’t think many of us could.
Children also had a bit of a performance. They did great and it loosened the atmosphere a bit.
Doctor Nimam also held a speech. She is a strong and brave woman. She has been helping people not only from Sinjar from the very beginning. I am so happy I could have met her. This Wednesday, we are going to Sinjar together.
I am so glad that I could spend today with these people.


The visit in Baydeh refugee camp