I recently wrote about a girl named Nadia Murad Basee Taha. She was kept captive by the IS terrorists, but fortunately, she managed to escape. Nadia is very strong; she managed to talk about her sufferings before the US Security Council and the European Parliament.
Yesterday I visited Nadia’s brother and sister who are still in Kurdistan. Her brother (I cannot state his name for security reasons) told me his entire story. He is a Kurdish Peshmerga who has survived his own death. On the fatal day, 3rd of August, 2014, the lives of thousands of people changed when the terrorist from the IS or the so called Daesh attacked the area of Sinjar. Many people here, including Nadia’s brother, experienced terrible things. Whether it was a good luck or miracle – I am not sure, but he survived. The Islamic State destroyed the lives of many people, one of them was Nadia’s.
“It was a nightmare I will never forget. I lost so many family members. The IS monsters killed my mother and six of my siblings and other relatives. Some of my relatives are still held captive in Mosul and Raqqa. The rest of our family keeps hoping that they will be liberated. When Daesh stormed into Sinjar, it was all so quick. Some of my relatives were killed on spot. They put us on the ground, don’t know how many of us and started firing at us. I don’t know how we managed but my little cousin and I survived. I was shot six times: once in the back of my head, two in my shoulder, thigh and foot. My cousin was shot in his leg. I was helped by the Kurdish fighters. When I woke up I was in a hospital. I was very lucky, but the rest of my family wasn’t.“
My journey continued to see Nadia’s sister. She told me terrible things, but I cannot share them as she asked me not to. I can only tell you I saw endless pain and sorrow in her eyes.
It is incredible what IS did to people and their families.


The story of the brother of Nadia Murad