The Black Day 03.08.2014 Memory project
the project takes place from 16.07.2017 till 01.08.2017.
The Black Day is another day for the 3rd August, 2014, when the Islamic State attacked the Shingal area. They took no mercy on anyone, slaughtered men and took women and girls into sexual slavery. There, people used to live like we do – they had their families, homes, work and dreams; they went to work, children to school, they were planning their future. Those who were lucky enough to survive the genocide are now living in very poor conditions in refugee camps.  The Kurdish government is trying to free the women and girls, yet many of them remain enslaved. The ones who had been freed are in a critical physical and mental state. The youngest of them are 9 years old.

The children lost their parents and siblings. They are currently living in refugee camps and various places. Not many of them can go to schools, as there are no schools left. The children are in a very poor condition, many of them saw their families being killed.
We decided to spend the Black Day with the Singhal inhabitants in the municipality of Sherfadin. The aid is intended for the refugee camps Sherfadin 1 and 2 where many women and children from the former IS captivity live. We are also preparing aid for the heroines from the female Peshmerga units who experienced rape, abuse and torture, yet they still lifted their heads and set off to fight for their country. They have our great respect and admiration.
We want to prepare a parcel for every family in the refugee camp, depending on our possibilities and number of children. We also want to make parcels for the women in the Peshmerga units. The parcel for the refugee camp Sherfadin 1 and 2 will contain fruit and vegetables, basic toiletries and sanitary items for adults and children and toys.
The Peshmerga parcel will contain basic sanitary items, underwear and sleepwear.
Plan for 03.08.2017
Roja Sor CZ 1,z.s. and Shingala Azad NGO members will take part.
In the morning, we will visit the mass graves and leave flowers there, keeping a minute of silence for the deceased who have not survived the genocide of the Islamic State. We will then continue to the village of Sherfadin and visit both refugee camps there, distribute the parcels, talk to the inhabitants and then move to the women’s Peshmerga units where we will also distribute the aid.
Dear friends, we are turning to you with a plea for help. Every little bit will please the children, women and girls who will know they are not alone in their hardship. We don’t have much time left, the collection takes place from 16.07.2017 till 1.08.2017.
We will be happy to answer your questions.
you can send your financial aid to –
Czech Republic – Komerční banka:
Roja Sor CZ 1, z.s. – transparent account
Account Nr..: 107-9237600267/0100
IBAN: CZ6601000001079237600267
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The Black Day 03.08.2014 Memory project the project takes place from 16.07.2017 till 01.08.2017.