Iraq (Kurdistan), Syria, and also Turkey, which I have visited, are all beautiful countries. People living in those countries are often very friendly and nice, even though they don’t have many things, they like to share even the last bit – we often forgot how to do that. Personally, I met mainly Kurds, people who don’t have their own country but despite that they are united in good and bad times. There are mostly Muslims among the Kurds, but Yazidis and Christians as well, no one really considers it as something important. For thousands of years, the Kurds are oppressed, killed, and murdered by many parties. The chairman of our organisation Roja Sor CZ 1, z.s., he himself is a Yazidi from Syria. From a young age, he already knew what is suffering, pain, loss, and religious oppression. That’s why he decided to leave his country with a sad heart when he was 15 years old and went with his family to the European Union to pursue a better life, so his siblings could attend schools and lead a normal and free life.
When the ISIS attacked Kurdistan (Iraq) and Syrian in 2014, the lives of the Kurdish people were changed rapidly. Many Kurds were murdered, children and women taken captive. Women were sold as slaves, girls are raped and forced to marriage while still children. Boys are trained to fight against their own countrymen, if they refuse, they get killed. Those who were lucky enough to maintain their freedom had to leave their homes, accept the loss of their loved ones, and now they live in catastrophic conditions, more likely to say that they survive – on the streets, in unfinished houses, in camps. Among the Kurds there are many brave soldiers. In Turkey they are called PKK, in Syria JPG, in Iraqi Kurdistan the Peshmerga. These soldiers have been fighting the ISIS for two years already. We admire them very much and keep our fingers crossed.

Our organisation Roja Sor CZ 1, z.s. started to help Kurdish people on the spot from the eight month of the year 2014. It’s a very difficult situation. People keep living in fear and wait for their relatives who are kept by ISIS and they don’t know whether they are still alive or not. Even though our organisation works for a short time, the direct help is very important. When I personally visited the place and saw everything by my own eyes, it broke my heart. Children without parents, wives without husbands or their loved ones. The thing is, many people live in the mountains without any options about what to do. I decided to help as much as we can. Even the tiniest bit can bring a big smile on their faces.

Our organisation works mostly thanks to all people who support us and help us. It doesn’t matter how much you can help us, the important thing is that you help as any help is immensely important and can improve the life of someone. That’s why we work on some projects, which you can find on websites menu.

Please help us to improve lives of people threatened by war and oppressed by ISIS terrorists:
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The children who escaped from the city of Sinjar when it was attacked by ISIS on August 2014. They are living next to Sharya village in northern Iraqi Kurdistan now.

Situation in Kurdistan