Along with the Slovak Catholic Charity, we started to work on the project of remote adoption for orphans and semi-orphans.
We went to visit one Singhalese family yesterday which hosts 5 orphans who lost both parents during the Islamic State attack. There was a girl who is only about 3 years old there; her story was so sad it made you want to cry. She was born a month before the IS attack, held captive since. God only knows what she had to go through. She was only freed 6 days ago. She doesn’t know her siblings, aunt or uncle. Everybody is a stranger to her. She will never get to know her Mum or Dad. The girl only understands Turkish but doesn’t at all speak. She cries all the time and her body is covered in scars.
We brought the children fruit and vegetables, toys and sanitary items. Everything made them really happy.


Project of remote adoption for orphans and semi-orphans.