We are preparing a new project called Paediatric Centre in the village of Sherfadin. We got the grant to cover the project from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. We would really like to thank the Czech Embassy in Erbil. The Paediatric Centre will serve local inhabitants and the residents of the Sherfadin refugee camp. We got the land for the Centre from the local Peshmerga commander Kasema Schascho; we would, thus, like to thank him on behalf of the entire organization. Preparation for the construction.17553542_1345786602176782_2488242283669481236_n 17553719_1345786612176781_1406572424874934518_n 17554261_1345786705510105_7437543659963981572_n 17626133_1345786608843448_2511994477145889564_n 17634455_1345786708843438_4772970873250060070_n 17634531_1345786402176802_3333581649984537650_n

Paediatric Centre