Not far from the village of Sherfadin, about 50 km from the town of Shingal, a new refugee camp was erected in October 2016. Yazidis are the original inhabitants of this area who were attacked by Islamic state on 3rd August, 2014. Many of them escaped to Syria where they found a haven in the Newroz camp not far from the town of Deerik. Due to the unrest in Syria, these people were banished from the camp and sent back to Iraq where they are now staying in the Sherfadin camp.
It is about 150 families with children. Tents and social amenities were built for them and we try to help them as much as we can.
The winter has also started here and people ask us for the diesel oil for their heaters. Our organization is only small and it was only established two years ago. We don’t have the same possibilities as other, larger organizations. We would like to ask you for an assistance for these people and the donation of finance to purchase diesel oil. We buy it cheaper here in Iraqi Kurdistan – for 190 USD for 200 litres. There are 75 tents in the Sherfadin camp, of which each needs 3 litres of oil a day – i.e. 225 litres a day for the entire camp. To help these people out for at least two months, it would require around 14,000 USD.
The situation of internally displaced people gradually deteriorates. They have been living in tents for over two years, in appalling sanitary conditions, without accessible healthcare and sufficient nutrition, while being aware that they have no place to go back to. Their homes had been destroyed and many of their relatives and friends killed.

The day before Christmas we gave out 4 570 litres of oil, which we could buy thanks to financial gift of Slovak Catholic Charity and your financial help. Thank you very much for the entire help! Cistern was refueled in Duhok. Donated oil is enough for the families for three weeks. So we continue in the collection. People in Sherfadin camp who survived the genocide are absolutely without funds.


Financial contribution can be sent to our transparent account. Thank you.

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