Right when I write this note, I have a knot on my stomach. Life sometimes brings hard obstacles. For the girl named Nadia, the life prepared awful events. In August 2014, when ISIS invaded Singal, Nadia was there. In this terrible day, her whole life turned upside down. She lost her friends and relatives, the ISIS dragged her away to Raqqah in Syria. From that time, terror began for her – she had to submit to it and fight for her bare life. It lasted about one year. She went through many terrible things which I am not going to describe – it is very difficult to listen to it and then to write it down. After one long year, she got a little lucky and with help of one person from Mosul she escaped.
There are many girls and women held captive by ISIS. Some of them got lucky like Nadia, but many of the others are still suffering or dead. Many people admire Nadia – even though she went through, she is able to talk about it publicly. She does not do it for fame, which is what many people think. Nadia talks about it mostly because she wants people to understand what ISIS is – once someone else can go through the same things that she did.
Nadia’s life will never be the same as before, but she is alive at least. We wish her good luck.


Nadia Murad Basee Taha