Shamsadin Shamou is a founder and director of the humanitarian organization Roja Sor CZ 1, z.s. and a member of the Shingala Azad organization. He is a Yazidi from the Sinjar area. Due to constant attacks of and persecution of the Yazidi community, he emigrated to Germany at the age of 17. He graduated from and did business in hospitality industry for many years. He was a member of the German humanitarian organization Little Yazidia established in order to aid the Yazidi community where he acted as a volunteer. In August of 2014, when the Islamic State invaded the Sinjar district, he personally organised and delivered the first lorries with humanitarian aid. In cooperation with the German NGO, he also sent several trucks with medication and formula milk to the Sinjar area.

He is fluent in Kurdish, Arabic, Aramaic, German and Czech.

Šárka Petrová is the main organization member and a Vice chairwoman. She has directed Shingala Azad NGO (the local non-profit organization Free Sinjar) since 2015 with residence in Iraqi Kurdistan. Upon graduating from an interpreting course in German at Charles University, she worked as a commercial interpreter and translator. She is deeply concerned by the destiny of the Yazidi community – that is why she has lived in Iraqi Kurdistan since 2014, with small interruptions, helping the direct victims of the Islamic State. Šárka is the person behind the many important projects in Sinjar, such as the building of wells and paediatric clinic. She writes regular posts to keep us updated about the latest events and operations of the organization in the field. She speaks fluent Czech, German and Kurdish.

Natalia Šramková is one of the key Roja Sor CZ 1 members. She has regularly traveled to Middle East for the past 10 years. She studied Turkish language at the Istanbul University and consequently worked as an interpreter in Turkish for business negotiations, police and court dealings. She also graduated in Missionary and Charity Work in Bratislava and Prague. She participated in several long-term humanitarian and social projects in the Czech Republic, Russia, Italy and Ukraine. From April, 2016, she has worked as a Logistics Specialists at a medical aid project STEP- IN in Iraqi Kurdistan. Since then, she has been returning to the area, cooperating in and creating projects of social nature for the humanitarian organization Roja Sor CZ 1. Since the beginning of 2017, she has also produced her documentary film about the war events in Sinjar. She is fluent in several languages.

Silvestr Tkáč is a traveler, guide and an interepreter with experience from the development and humanitarian sector. He studied and worked in Iran for two years. He was making living as a guide of Czech tours and helped Czech and Iranian companies in their search for business partners. Upon his return, he has worked as Persian interpreter, cooperated with the Iranian Embassy in securing documentation and logistics for the Iranian delegations arriving to the CR, prepared and moderated cultural events and helped in preparing the administration for international cooperation. In the meantime, he also managed to leave to work as a Coordinator of a remote adoption project to Guinea. Silvestr also completed a course in Crisis Management organised by the Czech Army for the journalists, diplomats and NGO workers. He first visited Iraqi Kurdistan in 2010. Three years later, he was in charge of the fist successful expedition there. He is currently participating in a whole range of projects in Middle East and Africa. For Roja Sor CZ 1, Silvestr is in charge of project coordination, presentation of the organization activities in the CR, organization of debates and presentations, some administration matters and he also organizes and leads the charitable expedition to Kurdistan.