We are starting the project Medical point here in Shingal – a medical centre service with an inpatient unit. Construction of the project was officially started June 5, 2016, in the presence of Peshmerga soldiers, Shingal mayor and consuls of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Baghdad and Erbil.
We received the subsidy for the reconstruction of the building from the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Reconstruction is in progress from the beginning of May; local craftsmen are working on it.
Health centre will include two general practitioner´s offices, pharmacy and inpatient unit for urgent care. In the future plan, we want to extend Medical point of dental surgery and psychotherapeutical office for women who were in ISIS captivity. At the moment it is important for the medical centre to start working as soon as possible, these two offices will be therefore built during the ordinary operations.
The German pharmaceutical company Action Medeor will deliver us the medicaments for free. The company also supplied us with the medication for local inhabitants even in the past.
Medical point will serve thousands of people who do not yet have the medical care. These are the original inhabitants of Shingal. They are still surviving in the mountains over the city available in appalling conditions or in provisional camps. Every illness is a big problem here, even a common cold can turn into life- threatening condition. This life situation affects mostly the weakest – children and elderly people.
Medical help will also be provided to Peshmerga soldiers, including the female ones who had been wounded in the fight. They have a very limited possibility of transport to the three hours distant city of Duhok.
We ask for the financial contribution for the purchase of medical material – bandages, disinfection material, intravenous cannulas and wound cover, infusion sets, offtake material, injection needles, syringes, injectomats, infusion pumps, resuscitation equipment, etc.
And we also need to cover the cost of the labour in Medical point – we need specialized doctors, pharmacist, nurses, ambulance driver, cleaning lady and maintenance man. Even though these people will help from their heart, they also must pay their fees, cannot live for free. We also need to buy consumer material.

 Please, direct your help to our transparent account. Thank you.

Czech Republic – The Commercial Bank
Roja Sor CZ 1, z.s. – transparent account
Account number: 107-9237600267/0100
IBAN- CZ6601000001079237600267

Roja Sor CZ 1, z.s. – transparent account – USD
Account number: 107-9237670257/0100
IBAN: CZ9001000001079237670257

Note for the receiver – Medical Point

Any amount of money is important. Even a small help ultimately means a lot.

The city of Sinjar, Shingal in Kurdish, lies in the northern Iraq near the border of Iraqi Kurdistan on the foot of the Djabal Sinjar Mountains. The city is inhabited mostly by Yazidis. In august of 2014 it was attacked by ISIS, thousands of people were killed, and thousands of women and girls were abducted as sex slaves. Around 50 000 people managed to flee to the mountains, however they were encircled by ISIS. After that Syrian Kurds together with the air strikes led by USA freed a passageway, most of the wretched people got to safety of Kurdistan after a way full of hardships in 40°C heat. The city was freed on 13 th of November 2015 by Kurdish forces Peshmerga.

Building designated for setting up the Medical Point. Yazidi organization in Germany Mala Ezidian Oldenburg gave us the ambulance.