The bottom floor of the Medical Point is finished; both electricity and water are running. There will be one doctor’s office on the ground floor, 3 rooms for inpatient care, reception, waiting room and pharmacy. All we need now is the equipment and we can start working. The first floor is also ready; it will also feature one apartment for an employee from the EU, one doctors room, lab, two rooms for inpatient care and stock of material. The equipment is still not complete; for the time being, we are dealing with several large organizations about the possibility to supply the necessary equipment. We would like to thank everyone for the support of our project which helps in the renovation of the town of Shingal.
We thank a lot the General consulate of the Czech Republic in Arbil and local organization Shingala Azad (Free Shingal) for their help and support.

Medical point building in Shingal is completely reconstructed