We are beginning to prepare eleventh load of humanitarian aid for the area of Shingal and surroundings of Mosul in the Iraqi Kurdistan. Our organization was only established two years ago, yet we already managed to deliver considerable help – this is already 11th lorry with humanitarian aid we will dispatch to Kurdistan. All this is thanks to you – you are fabulous.
This delivery will be donated to the Kurdish Yazidi and Christians who have suffered the most as a result of Islamic State atrocities. They are suffering directly on the territory where war is happening. These people have no homes; they live in camps which were built in haste or on the streets, in half-collapsed houses. Power and water supply is missing, as well as other basic needs. Yet the worst thing for those people is having lost their loved ones who have either been killed or abducted and kept in captivity by the IS. They live in fear, despair and many of them cannot handle the situation and are in acute need of medical help.
We want to divide the collection into five parts to make the help really as effective as possible.

1.) The first part of the collection is intended for the smallest ones – children from birth up to 5 years old.
There is a lot of babies who are either orphaned or their parents (including the Moms) are fighting against the IS, we want to contribute by supplying them with baby powdered milk. You can send the actual milk or send money to their account. Humana again offered very attractive price of baby milk, providing a 90% discount on their product – so instead of 11 Eur, we only have to pay 2.50 Eur.
Furthermore, you can send winter coats, winter boots, diapers, baby food, baby shampoos and shower gels, moisturisers, oils, pushchairs and, of course, toys.

2.) The second part of collection is intended for children aged 6 to 15 years.
These children also need our help. We chose a school in the municipality of Sherfadin near Shingal. This school was established about a year ago for children living in refugee camps to get an education despite the challenging life situation. Let’s help them as they have barely anything. If you want to help, send them exercise books, pencils, colouring pencils, files, pencil sharpeners, paper, pencil cases, rulers, school bags, various table games, etc.
These children also need winter jackets and boots.

3.) The third part of the collection is intended for girls and women who were kept in captivity of the Islamic State.
They had been tortured, raped and dehumanized. Our help cannot repair what they had to go through and what they will hardly ever forget. Yet we want to take some burden off them and focus some of the donations for them.
Let’s make parcels for them, the more the better, because there are thousands of women with similar destiny in Iraqi Kurdistan. The parcel size doesn’t matter, it should contain sanitary aid, such as shower gel, shampoo, intimate wash gel, sanitary pads or tampons, toothpaste, toothbrush, vitamins (for example effervescent). You can also include other cosmetic products, face and body moisturizers.
You can also donate winter coats and boots.

4.) The fourth part of our collection is aimed at our medical centre in Shingal named Medical Point Shingal.
The medical point will feature two GP offices, pharmacy and inpatient beds for acute care.
You can help by donating:
Furniture – cupboards, shelves, chairs, tables, beds, racks, counters, etc.
Drugs – any medication for both children and adults, vitamins – please pay attention to the expiry date.
Medical supplies – bandages, plasters, surgical dressings, gloves, syringes, etc.
Medical tools – crutches, wheelchairs, hospital beds, Zimmer frames, medical instruments, etc.
Many of you work in hospitals, number of doctors renew their offices and get rid of used tools or other instruments, please let us know – it can help others and give them hope.
The same goes for the pharmacy – we are looking for shelves, racks, drug fridges, drugs, medical supplies, etc. .
To organize the humanitarian transport, we have to collect money for it. Please help us by donating money to our transparent account to cover the transport costs. Thank you, regardless of the amount. Even a few crowns can make a difference.
This collection will last till December 15, 2016, if we don´t fill the whole truck, it will be extended up to January 30, 2017.

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