Awful events from 3 rd August 2014 brought true terror to northern Iraq, above all to the regions around the cities of Singal and Mosul and started a real massacre. Genocide of Yazidi, Christian and other minorities went through the media around the whole world. Current situation of these people is still terrible. After the attack of the Islamic State on these minorities, hundreds of thousands of children, old people, and incomplete families without any hope in overcrowded refugee camps, rough constructions or on the streets, with decision never to leave their homeland and start building their homes in the ruins of liberated cities. Many are still waiting for this opportunity, their cities are still under occupation. Everyone though fully depends on the support of humanitarian organisations as Roja Sor CZ 1 z.s. and your contributions.

More than one million people are on the run. They don’t have access to water nor regular supply of food. Whole groups of people sleep on the road where they just stopped their journey for the day. Most of them have practically lost all their possessions overnight. A lot of refugees have nothing more than what they are wearing. Groups of people, who escaped certain death while their villages had been attacked, still aren’t completely safe. They just walk, no accommodation, no hygienic material, healthcare completely unavailable.

Moreover, most of them are suffering from depression caused by uncertainty about the fate of their relatives or directly sadness when remembering how brutally they were killed. Groups of sadness on their way, without finish, without better tomorrows.

It’s necessary to cooperate mutually on improvement of the living conditions of refugees in these regions. It will be logistically demanding operation to provide supplies for thousands of refugees while using the destroyed roads by all possible means. Even though this seems quite distant to us, everyone can end up in similar situation.

We appeal to all people, authorities, Iraqi government, and world organisations: help! There is too much work and we cannot do it alone. During our last stay in autumn 2015 we brought help to around 20 provisional refugee camps in the Duhok region- Xanik, Erbil, Zaxo, Shariya, Shexan…,and also to remote villages and makeshift shelters. We managed to get 8 trucks to Rojava, that’s more than 300 tons of material help. Currently, we plan more activities and projects. Please consider the suffering of those people, children, and refugees. We would like to thank all of those who have already helped us and supported us, we hope in your future support.

Together with us, help the victims of ISIS monstrosities. People, who are fully dependent on humanitarian help. People, who cannot and won’t leave their country and who have nothing more left than memories about their home and loved ones…
Join us!