Currently, the Islamic state is the main topic all over the world. I think that people form the European Union still don’t realize what IS really is. That it is evil, I can’t really express that with another word. They stick at nothing. I would say that they don’t even have any sign of humanity. People in the Czech Republic and also in the whole EU know IS just from the media – radio, TV etc. I spoke with many people about this topic (yes, many told me about how terrible it is, but that’s not our issue, we are living in Europe…). I ask them, what if one day this issue will touch us the same way as it touches for example the Kurdish people?  Europe hasn’t seen war for quite many years, we know everything just from TV, we keep saying that this war is far away, it can’t really affect us – but what if…? Take Germany as an example – many years it was a safe state for many people, not just for Germans, but also for Kurdish people. I know many Kurds who live in Germany and they are very thankful for what the country does for them – their children can go to school, no one cares about religious differences, there is freedom of speech, they can work. However, in last years, criminality has risen in Germany. I have never heard before that there would be theft quite a common thing. I can even remember that the people would leave their cars unlocked, but now they have to lock everything and watch it closely. What about the events of the New Year’s Eve when there were women touched, what about France attacks, where many innocent people died? That shouldn’t happen in the EU. When in 2014 ISIS attacked the Kurdish, they didn’t have any other choice than to start fighting. From the beginning it was just them, they were the main barrier for ISIS. They have been fighting for one year and several months now, without modern weapons or support from the air, but they have the belief to fight against the evil of IS. All of them should be appreciated by us, the JPG, PKK, or Peshmerga – thanks to them the IS is weakend and doesn’t approach EU. His fight doesn’t protect just them but us as well. On the 13th of November 2015 Kurdish soldiers (Peshmerga and JPG) went through the borders of Singal which was occupied by the IS and they freed it. All of it was done by old weapons and on land. The Kurds went through many suffering and pain, but even though they don’t have their own state, they stick together as nation.


IS means a danger even for Europe