Clarification and a Call to Justice:
There has been a circulation of stories and projects on official and unofficial websites and various forms of social media that need to be addressed and the public should be cautioned before proceeding with contributions or volunteering towards these projects. There are some organizations that have established large campaigns to raise a substantial amount of money for the sake of rescuing Yezidis that have been kidnapped and remain captive under the control of ISIS, also known as Daesh. At this time, we have no documentation or verification of these “so called rescued victims” and it is believed that the donations received through these organizations are going strictly to the personal needs and interests of those within the organization. We strongly caution anyone from partnering with these organizations both financially and on a volunteer basis. There has been no evidence or documentation from these organizations of resources given towards the rescue of the Yezidi people. The deception and lack of integrity of these organizations only causes greater pain and hurt to the atrocities that have taken place against the Yezidi people. Please be careful and have wisdom in which you give and whom you partner with.
The deception of these organizations must come to a stop so that we may truly help the Yezidi people instead of use them for financial gain. We, as the office of Ezidian Affairs for Kidnapped and Rescued Yezidis, would like to publically state, both domestically and internationally, that we have NOT received subsidized or corporate financial support from any organization except the KRG Prime Minister’s office of Mr. Nechirvan Barzani and the support of security authorities within Kurdistan to help aid in this massive rescue endeavor.
In conclusion, there are have been 2,377 Yezidis that have been rescued and there are a staggering 3,878 Yezidi people that are still in captivity with Daesh.

We again would like to strongly condemn the silence of the international community and the paralysis of the world’s human rights organizations that have yet to fully unite and stand up for the plight of the Yezidi people. There are around 1,800 Yezidi children and young males that have converted to Islam. Currently, they are enrolled in training camps, in the areas that are under the control of Daesh, receiving religious lectures and training on jihadist operations and war tactics. As the trainings progress, Daesh desires to establish bombs in every part of the world and to continue to instill fear and control throughout every country. We spur the international community on to make wise and proactive steps to supporting the Yezidi people and help us bring back these victims of captivity from the snare of evil imposed by Daesh.

Hussein Qaidi

Ezidian affairs office for Kidnapped, Duhok


Hussein Qaidi from Ezidian Affairs for Kidnapped and Rescued Yezidis warns about deceitful organizations and condemns the silence about the Yezidi´s plight