Suffering, pain, tears and death – that’s what the people of Shingal know well. For almost two years now, they have been fighting and struggling to help their loved ones from the captivity of IS terrorists.
Kurds, especially the Yazidis, have struggled for many generations for their living space and an independent state. What happened in Shingal on 3rd August, 2014, wasn’t the first strike for the Kurdish Yazidi. The history repeats itself. Throughout the history, they have been assaulted for their faith. This doesn’t go to Yazidis only – also Christians in countries like Turkey, Iraq and Syria have to put up with humiliation, suffering and loss of their loved ones.
Current situation in Iraqi Kurdistan and in the area of Rojava in Syria is disastrous: people live in camps, they are jobless, for eight months now, Iraq failed to lend financial support to Kurdistan; food is becoming scarce even in the camps (this news has been endorsed by three people who live there) – but this isn’t the worst thing yet. Many relatives of those people had been murdered by IS terrorists, some still remain in captivity. Let’s help them through their suffering and enable them to live like people again. We can – lets help them as well.

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Humanitarian and economic situation in Kurdistan is still getting worse