Its been almost too months since we arrived in Kurdistan. During those days, we experienced some sad moments, but also happy ones. There is few of the latter ones, yet more enjoyable they feel. For example, if you give the children a sweet or a toy and they smile back at you. They are grateful for a simple embrace. When children or women and girls are freed from the captivity of the Islamic State, when families get together again.
But then there are bad times. The stories I hear from people are the worst. People in the Iraqi Kurdistan have been through terrible things: they lost their loved ones, mothers saw their children die in the mountains or by the hand of IS. Many people were abducted to Syria or Mosul; children are trained as soldiers and used for attacks against their own people. Women and children are sold as sexual slaves. Those who fail to obey are killed. The Kurdish Parliament is trying to help people escape the IS captivity; Mr. Khairi Bozani has already assisted many women and girls.
Then there is another group of people who managed to escape IS terrorists. These people are now forced to live in camps which were erected in haste. And even though there is around 20 such camps in the Iraqi Kurdistan, they don’t suffice for all the people in need – and some must, therefore, live on the streets or in unfinished buildings.
Then there is another problem that the central Iraqi government has failed to send Kurdistan funds for the past 8 months.
There are several million people in Kurdistan seeking for asylum. Yesterday I visited the camp Bajed Kandar. People here are squashed in small tents and food is distributed once or twice a day, depending on how much food the camp has available. There is a school there, yet it is not sufficient for all the children. I spoke to one family with 6 children: they can’t all go to school because there isn’t enough shoes for all of them: that’s why they have to take turns.
Another camp is located in the mountains near Shingal; people here lack electricity and hot water. It is difficult to deliver food supplies here. The mountains are cold and people only get warm when they have money to buy gas – and that is rare. There are no schools for the children here.
Medical care here is highly important – and missing. Our organization now works on the Medical Point project. The project is funded with the help of the Czech consulate in Erbil and Embassy in Baghdad. Yet there are still too many things needed. If you can, please help.
Currently, we need medical supplies. We have a chance to help the people. Let’s do it.

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