Life sometimes puts some obstacles in our way, bad things happen to us but good things as well. That’s something Yazidis and Christians from Shingal cannot say. For last two years they have to live in therrible conditions. In 2014 their whole life changed, they had to flee from their homes, lost their loved ones, many people are held captive as slaves by ISIS. Those who survived must now live in camps or on the street. Even though they went through unimaginable things, they don’t give up and those who can, fight for their freedom and thus also for us. The Kurds are the only soldiers who fight against ISIS men and women alike. That’s why we should be on their side and support them in these difficult moments. The worst thing is, that war has the worst influence on innocent people, mostly children and women. Every day, suffering, tears, and pain from losing their loved ones is all I can see and no one knows when will it end. Let’s help them improve their lives through our help – your help. Our truck and our projects can help many people. Still we are missing financial support for sending out 10th truck. Please help, however you can, even a small donation is a huge contribution to helping these people.


Help the people persecuted by ISIS and soldiers and female soldiers who are fighting against ISIS