The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, a terrorist organization also known as Daesh, terribly attacked Sinjar and its communities, sub-districts, and villages. On the morning of the 3rd of August 2014, ISIS used modern cars, army vehicles, heavy tanks, and modern and advanced weapons to shake these villages and communities and entered Sinjar. At the beginning of this attack, the local people and villagers defended their homes and villages and remained strong for more than three hours; but due to an insufficient amount of weapons for the attack at which they faced, they were unable to sustain and defend their homes and land. ISIS, with their strong weapons, was able to control Sinjar and control all areas with the help of Arabs, neighbors, villagers, and anyone who was friends with ISIS.

The sound of children and women weeping and screaming was heard everywhere. These terrorists committed mass graves inside Sinjar and throughout the surrounding villages. ISIS, in their ploy to instill fear and terror, would randomly shoot anyone in their back that refused to obey their commands and rules and anyone desiring to escape from their barbaric ways would not escape death or torture. They killed approximately 1,200 people during this first initial invasion of Sinjar. They also captured more than 6,255 Yezidi people; amongst these people were 2,800 males and 3,455 females. The women were not only captured but they were also sold in open bazaars as sex slaves and slaves. There are almost 340,000 Yezidi people that are now internally displaced from Sinjar. There are also 60,000 other Yezidis that come from Bashika and Bahzan that are currently displaced as well. These displaced people fled to Kurdistan and some of them migrated to Turkey and Syria. ISIS also exploded 42 religious Yezidi shrines. They took control over people’s villages with the help of local Arab villagers and neighbors, and were able to keep these villages under high protection and coverage so that no one could take their villages back. Of the 6,255 people that were captured by ISIS, 2,377 of them have been liberated from this barbaric captivity. The statistics of those liberated goes as follows: 882 females, 318 males, 574 female children, and 603 male children.

Until now, there are nearly 3,878 Yezidi people that are still being held in captivity by ISIS terrorists. Of the 3,878 people still in captivity, 1,999 of them are females and 1,879 are males. According to our believed sources, there are almost 1,600 children and young Yezidi people that are currently being trained by these terrorists for suicide

Upon further research and investigation, there have been about 21 mass graves discovered with an average of about 35 people murdered in each mass grave. Amongst the remaining survivors, there are hundreds of injured people, many which are handicapped, and thousands of psychological diseases as a result of this catastrophe. ISIS has also destroyed Sinjar’s infrastructure. Yezidi houses and valuables from within the homes have been stolen by some of the Arab neighbors and ISIS supporters. As a result of this huge ongoing catastrophe, there are roughly 70,000 Yezidis that have migrated to European countries for asylum as refugees. According to reliable sources and statistics taken from the first of September 2015, we have found that almost 31 Yezidis have drowned at sea due to broken boats, more than 198 people have been victim to this very same unnecessary treatment or outcome, and around 370 individuals have gone missing.

Now, we are at the beginning of a new year of 2016 and we are still in the same position with many Yezidis living in vulnerable situations and each person needing specific care mentally, emotionally, and physically. There are still thousands of Yezidis living in camps and each one of these thousands desires to return back to their normal life. Thousands of survivors of ISIS captivity need to be cared for and healed as well as having their daily needs met. There are hundreds of children that need to be cared for with basic physical needs and hundreds of elderly that still need simple, basic daily needs fulfilled. There are also hundreds of sick people that need to be seen and evaluated by specialists that can help identify the various illnesses and diseases.
In more extreme cases, there are hundreds of physically wounded and handicapped persons that need surgical operations but they do not have the proper income to pay for their needed surgeries.
Unfortunately, there are still thousands of kidnapped women and men held by this barbaric terrorist organization, ISIS, and they live daily under the unmerciful conditions of this group. We must come together as an international community and stand against the violation of human rights. As we unite as an international community and give a voice to the voiceless, together we can find a solution to bring healing and restitution to the Yezidi people.

General Director of Yazidian Affairs
ERBIL 09 – 02 – 2016

I am very happy that I could personally meet Mr. Bozani, he is a very kind man, who helps his people very much, and he helps children, women, and girls to escape from ISIS. He is an admirable person, he doesn’t do his job because he has to, but he does it from his heart, that is very rare to find around politicians and high ranking people. We had the chance to meet Mr. Bozani already five years ago. Many thanks to him for his help and support since the founding of our organisation.

General Director of Yazidian Affairs Khairi Bozani about ISIS attack on Sinjar and current situation of Yazidis