The material aid from you was directed to Sherfadin village in the Shingal area, where Yazidi shrine of the same name is located. Here, a new camp for internally displaced people from this area has been established. The people who are in the camp nowadays, returned from Syrian Kurdistan to where they escaped in front of Daesh in 2014. The camp for them was founded by Peshmerga forces. These people are living in truly dismal conditions, they have nothing at all, that is why we decided to provide all the help to them. We gave two packs of clothes and three folding-beds to each family. Children were very pleased with the toys you have sent.
Peshmerga commander Kassem Schacho provided to us pickup again for the distribution of material aid.
The joy and laugh of children are the most beautiful moments of our work. Children from Shingal area lived through enormous traumas and sufferings, fear about their loved ones and fear for their lives. Many of them lost their parents and siblings, despite that, they are trying to live on.
It has been two years since the attack of Shingal by Islamic State, but local people see it as if it happened yesterday.
Thanks to you we can help them.


Material aid loaded in Duhok stock is heading to Shingal.



Distribution of material aid in Sherfadin refugee camp