The date August 3, 2014 changed the lives of many Kurdish Yazidi and Christians. People lost their lives, their loved ones, their future. Two years went by since the tragic events, yet the situation of local people is still very serious; people who have survived the massacre live in refugee camps or on the streets and they still feel the pain of losing their loved ones. To make it even worse, many of them have no work or income and they are dependent on the organizations, government and people who are ready to help. They are grateful for every bit of aid.
Together with Shingala Azad, we participated in the remembrance of the sad anniversary which took part by the Yazidi sanctuary Sherfadine and the Yazidi call this day their Black Day. The event was attended by people who defended Shingal during the massacre, for example Mr Kassem Schacho, as well as the Mayor of Shingal Mr Mhama Kassem and women who were once held captive by the IS monsters and many others. We are very happy that we could participate in this memory and stand along those people in their hard moments.

Black Day 3rd August 2014 – genocide of Kurdish Yazidis and Christians by Islamic State