The Parcel Project

We are currently helping in area called Singhal in the governorate Ninive, Kurdistan, Iraq. This area used to be inhabited by Kurdish Yazidi, Christians, Muslims and Arabs. On 3rd August, 2014, the area was attacked by the followers of Islamic State. Large part of the area was destroyed, many local Arabs joined the IS. The Yazidi minority had been suppressed since 12th century to date and exposed to genocide. When IS came, many Yazidi residents were killed, young women and girls, as well as children, were kidnapped, tortured and turned into sexual slaves. Many of them are still held captive. There are several mass graves in the area. The town of Singhal was destroyed, including the hospitals, schools and churges. The town was freed by the Kurdish Peshmerga units lead by the Yazidi general Kasim Shasho on 13th November, 2015.

There is a village of Sherfadin in the area, where you also find the Yazidi shrine of the same name. This is where a refugee camp was established for the original inhabitants of the area who fled to Syria two years ago from the Islamic State. 5 months ago, they were expelled back to Singhal. As they had nowhere to return to, the Peshmerga General had a refugee camp built in haste. There are currently 150 people living there, the Peshmergas are trying to help them out from their supplies. There are problems with drinking water, lack of food, no toys, no sanitary tools etc. Medical care is very poor and medication is scarce. The number of people keeps growing.

We decided to help these people with parcels in 4 forms worth 10 EUR. We are asking you to help.

1. Health Parcel – various types of fruit and vegetables, potatoes, rice, tea, milk, oil etc. All will be purchased from small businessmen, local refugees who sell food stuff near refugee camps by Duhok. This is a way we are trying to help in their challenging life situation.

2. Sanitary Parcel – Adult soap, shampoo, small box of washing powder, sanitary pads, toothpaste, toothbrush, 2 pieces of new underwear, wash-up liquid and sponge.

3. Sanitary Parcel – Child baby shampoo, baby soap, baby powder/nappy rash cream, wet towels, toothpaste, toothbrush.

4. Joy Parcel- various types depending on age and sex of child, toy – toy car, doll, ball, children’s book, colouring book, coloured pencils, watercolours, notebooks, sweets

Please send your aid to our transparent account
Czech Republic – Komerční banka:
Roja Sor CZ 1, z.s. – transparent account – CZK
Account Nr.: 107-9237600267/0100
IBAN: CZ6601000001079237600267

Roja Sor CZ 1, z.s. – transparent account – USD
Account Nr.: 107-9237670257/0100
IBAN: CZ9001000001079237670257

Write the type of parcel you want into the message for the beneficiary. Also, please write a note, should you wish not to be shown as donor.