Aid Parcels for Sinjar
The project is running from 07.11.2017 till 07.12.2017.
Komerční banka -1079237600267/0100
Help for 80 families in a refugee camp and 300 families in the municipality of Sherfadin. At the moment, the inhabitants are helpless. The parcels will secure their basic life needs – each family will get one.
Parcel content – 2 cooking oils, 3 kilos of flour, 2 kilos of lentils, 3 kilos of rice, salt, sugar, loose tea, 2 kilos of beans, 3 tomato purées, 3x hummus, 3 kilos of cuscus, 2 powdered milks, 1 pack of noodles, 1 soap, 3 kilos of washing powder, 2 towels, 1 washing-up liquid, 2 packs of sanitary towels, more items according to immediate needs.
We are in daily contact with the locals; the local members of our organization are present at spot. The parcel costs 25 dollars (555 CZK). We have the possibility to deliver the parcels to the area, which is difficult for other organizations.
We ask you for help on behalf of the people who live in a war area.
The Sinjar Area and Kurdistan
Again, people here are experiencing hard times, nobody knows what’s going to happen – will there be war or will civilized solution be found? Only three years passed from the bloodshed of the Islamic State (Daesh), which occupied large part of Iraqi Kurdistan in 2014. Nevertheless, the Kurds haven’t given up and even the civilians pick up guns and went to fight for their country, their freedom and new hope. They didn’t run away but stayed and fought. But when they thought the hope of better tomorrow came up, yet another blow came. This time the militia named Hashdi Al Shabi came from Iraq and Iran – first to help the Kurds against the Islamic State, but then it turned at them and attacked them.


Aid Parcels for Sinjar, Urgent!!!