We are Czech humanitarian organisation, who above all concentrates on helping the Kurdish Yazidis and Christians, but also other victims of war against the terror of ISIS. Our main focus is humanitarian help for persecuted Kurds in northern Iraq, for example in Sinjar, or in Syria – Rojava. The name Roja Sor means “Red Sun” in Kurdish, which symbolizes the love of God.

According to Yazidi philosophy of life, it is necessary to help the people in need, the poor, and people without home. Today it means before all helping the victims of ISIS monstrosities. Our humanitarian organisation is bound by the promise of humanity, brotherly love, neutrality, and international solidarity. All members including the board members, are volunteers, they help for free and in their free time. Material and financial help comes mostly from donors in Germany and the Czech Republic.

Through fundraising activity we provide help to people who are in need the most, above all people banished from their homes. Particularly children and elderly people are suffering the most while they live in disastrous conditions. These are the group our humanitarian organisation is mostly focused on. Help is handed over in person and directly “from hand to hand”. Thanks to donors and sponsors we have already moved nine trucks with material help.

Now we are building Medical point in the city of Sinjar (Shingal in Kurdish) – medical center with inpatient unit for local inhabitants and Peshmerga soldiers who fight against Islamic state. 

Security of our work in Kurdistan is provided by Kurdish combat units Peshmerga.